Fiano is an exquisite white wine from the Avelino district in Italy, with a history going back to Cesar’s time. It boasts pear and almond flavors with a touch of honey and citrus. You will find it to be a wonderful summer wine to enjoy on its own or to serve with salads, seafood, chicken, or light pasta dishes. Enjoy it best chilled. 


You may notice we do not grow Chardonnay grapes, nor do we sell Chardonnay wine. If you enjoy Chardonnay, you will be wholly impressed by the multitude of flavors and full body of Fiano. 


Vintage Particulars: 
•    Harvest Brix: 23.0
•    pH: 3.4
•    Alcohol by volume : 13.0 %
•    Fermentation: 30 day fermentation in tank.

Fiano 2014